Number Two In The Blue

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Summertime is a season filled with fun, sun, laughter and plenty of outdoor events. People are having barbeque cookouts, and beach parties. There are also hundreds of family reunions and outdoor weddings that take place around the county during the summer. With so many people, all of that food and plenty of drinks, people will definitely have to use the bathroom. If there is a restaurant or shop close by, they may not be too keen on the idea of turning their establishment into potty central station. So while you’re planning your next outdoor event, be sure to jot down Porta Potty on your list right after Aunt Ethel’s potato salad. 

Portable toilets, also known as a Porta Potty, have a long history as well as a variety of types. Chemical toilets operate somewhat as the name suggests; chemicals are used to reduce any odor. And composting toilets, which are common amongst a lot of naturalists today, use a more natural process for odor reduction as well as waste elimination. Regardless of the type of portable toilet being used or what it is called, they all have the same purpose and that’s to provide people with a place to use the bathroom. 

If you are having an outdoor event this summer, a portable toilet is definitely the way to go. They are not very expensive at all, averaging about $200 per day and do not require much on your end other than payment. In fact, porta potty rentals are not only affordable but they provide an easy way for you to accommodate your guest without any stress. Renting a Porta Potty can be a great idea even if you are just having an event in your own backyard. You may not want all of the guest having to use your home bathroom which can mean added clean up on your end and God forbid someone clogs the toilet. 

Also, by using a Porta Potty rental service, you can also rent multiple toilets. This way, your guests aren’t having to wait a long time to use the bathroom. They even have a built-in odor eliminator in the form of a blue liquid that you’ll see in the bowl of the potty. This liquid is a chemical that reduces odor. It is blue in color so that it may produce a color-coded signal whenever there is too much waste. Once the blue liquid turns green, that is a sign that it is no longer effective in stopping odors. 

And when your Porta Potty has seen more poop than it can stand, the company will come out and clean it for you and replenish the deodorizing solution so that your potty is ready for continued use. You can schedule these cleanings as often as needed throughout the course of your event. Your cleaning schedule is just based on an estimate of how many uses based upon how many people you are entertaining. At the end of the day, Porta Pottys have come a long way from what was thought to be a gross experience. They don’t smell, if maintained properly and are very convenient for you and your guest.

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