Why Get a Roofer – What They Do

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You’re roof looks less than it’s best, you don’t know anything about roofs and you’re a little bit worried that it might start leaking at any moment… but are you being irrational? Where do you get help figuring it all out? What

Roofers DO?

Roofers make Roofs… yes that sounds over simplified. But the truth is that without roofers making roofs, when it comes time to repair them, there is no one else that you want touching the job. Because they are infinitely knowledgeable about the roofs they create a DIY solution is never a substitute for their critical eye. A roofing professional can tell you not only if something needs replaced/fixed, but he/she can tell you the best way to save money doing it. They also know that standards of the law for the state that they work in. Roofers in Idaho – they know Idaho law; any roofing augusta ga companies – they know the laws of Georgia. Those insights can be the difference not only in if you get a leak or not, but in if you get sued or not. 

How Much Do They Cost? 

That question can only be answered by the Roofer himself/herself, even if the roofer themselves don’t have different rates, the amount of damage, the type of fix, and the time it has to be done it can all play a part in what it will cost. However if you have a professional that is well trained, and full of free time you can expect to pay somewhere between $17 and $20 an hour for their services. (Although a great deal of them do free estimates of the time and effort that the job will take before hand.) You can also expect to pay in time, but when it comes to a professionally you are better off in this way. While it can take half as much to pay for the materials yourself in some cases – in others you are spending more on those materials than on the roofer. Then there are two possibilities that follow: either you do a good job and loose money on those materials that you will never use again (they will be bad by the time you need them again) OR you will do so much damage as an amateur that it will cost more to fix than if you’d hired in the beginning. 

Are They Worth IT? 

The short answer – YES! Given the amount of items that they provide: Experience, materials, skill, upfront estimates, and peace of mind – as well as the hassles you will face alone: lack of experience, money losses on materials and/or poor workmanship you are almost certainly better off every time with a professional roofer. 

Because roofs are the battering rams of the home that take so much trauma in the name of our protection it is just as vital that we protect them. Learn what your roof is made of, and how often to check or replace it. Call in a roofer at ANY time you are concerned, and make sure that you stop on occasion to think of how your family impacts its lifespan.

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