The Roof And The Roofer

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Roofing has a long standing history in our human culture and it is time to talk about it. The roofing industry has shielded men and women from danger for what seems to be forever and it has long been taken for granted that commercial roofing colorado springs co provides the goods and services to help build these houses and maintain them as well. The history is forgotten and the reiteration of what a roof actually is needs to be discussed. The process that roofers go through to even create a roof is also a worthy topic to go over in this article. With all this said let us precede to the meat and potatoes of the roofers and their shingles. 

What is a roof? Well according to Wikipedia a roof typically is a covering for a shelter so that people are shielded from the elements of nature like wind, rain, sunlight, and hail. It is also a protective layer against animals and possibly some diseases. The roofing all depends on the location the building is being brought up in due to the materials available and the legislation that is brought forth by the forces such as local or national law. The word “roof” is derived from Old English and can be traced back to root words such as ceiling, top, summit, heaven, sky, deck house, cabin, coffin lid, penthouse, and boat shed. When a building or house is being built by a roofer the main concern is usually the roof because while the roof is the hardest place to reach it also is the part of the building that is prone to the most danger and damage. 

How do roofers make a roof? Well according to Wikipedia the first thing roofers do when constructing a roof is to measure the workspace and to gather the materials needed for the job at hand. It is important that this step is accurate so that the roofers could gather the amount of supplies needed without over or under doing it. Now that the gear is loaded up roofers typically lay down the foundation of the roof using truss boards to frame out where everything else is going to go. Next they lay down the sheath to provide a surface like substance for the roof before they add the protective layer that to an extent protects the sheathing surface. The last layer roofers put on is the roof cover which adds another layer of protection from things like the weather and to some degree the wind. 

What is the history of the rooftops we live under today? From the time we walked the earth there has been an almost primordial need to sheath our selves from the dangers of extreme or unpleasant whether. Cavemen would use the sod and dirt to build roof like huts which provided excellent insulation and warmth from the cold weather, but despite their efforts to keep warm the roofs were not water or vermin proof. Today roofers are a testament to how far we have come as a species.


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