Roof Repair, Or New Roof Installation?

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Roofers are construction workers who specialize in the construction of roofs. Some people refer to these workers as roofing contractors. Their responsibilities include roof replacing, repairing, as well as installing roofs on new buildings. They use materials like shingles, metal, and bitumen. When these roofs get old or damaged, sometimes it is difficult to decide whether to repair them or reroof. How does one know if they should get rid of the whole roof or just patch things up? 

Guidelines to consider before choosing roof repair or re-roofing 

First and foremost, you should keep it simple. You should not spend thousands when repairing could only cost hundreds and still serve you well. A well-installed roof, which is less than twenty years, should be repaired. Not unless the roof is in really bad conditions like serious water issues and bad decking, repairs will cost less and take less time. It is advisable to get professional opinions from a licensed contractor if you are not sure of what you should do. 

One should make a pros and cons list. Here you should check the advantages and disadvantages of both roof repairing and reroofing. Despite the fact that repairing will cost less, take less time, less labor, materials, and fewer disposal costs, it will have a short lifespan. With new roof installation, you get to enjoy the protection of warranty for labor, materials, or even both. And, one doesn’t worry about needing repairs after a short period. 

You should also not take too long to repair minor issues. As soon as you notice leakage you should take action. Minor repairs require less money. Procrastination is an enemy of development. If you wait until the cracks get bigger, then you will have no choice but to reinstall a new roof. 

The layered look of your roof matters a lot. If you choose single or double layers, then repairing will be easy. However, if your roof is of multiple layers, your best choice is to strip them off and construct a new roof. 

What roofing materials you should choose 

Different roofing materials do not have the same life expectations. It is important to know what your roof is made of so that you can know when it is time to change it. If it made of cedar, it should not go for more than twenty years. When it is dry, it starts to crack and crumble. When wet, it encourages the growth of moss. Climate conditions highly affect this type of roofing. Wood lasts for about thirty years. This roofing does well in areas with moderate weather. Asphalt can go up to fifty years. Most asphalt shingles take twenty years, but the top-quality ones can stay for as long as half a decade. Metallic roofs stay between forty to eighty years, depending on the quality of the metal. The most durable roofing material is tiles-concrete, clay, and slate. They can take one hundred years. Tiles are virtually worried free. 

How to have long-lasting roofing

Most roofers cincinnati oh provide the best services for their customers including advice on how to make your roof last longer. You should check the condition of the roof regularly. Take a flashlight and leave it at the top of the roof. If light penetrates, then consult a professional. You should also heed to warning signs like blistering, sheathing and peeling exterior paint. 

An old English adage says prevention is better than cure. The same case applies to roofing. You should always keep your eyes open to spot trouble early enough. If you take action on small problems, then the big ones will not affect you.

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