Turning Your Pool Into A Spa

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Your pool can offer more than just a place to play or exercise. It can also give you a relaxing spa experience if you know what kind of features to add. A pool contractor can look at what you have and listen to what you want regarding various spa features before offering a few suggestions as to the best way to achieve the desired result. 

A benefit of spa features that are tied to your pool is that you can often enjoy them even when the weather turns cooler. One of many spa services newport news va contractors can install is a hot tub. This is a feature that can be used for relaxation or to stay warm while you’re outside enjoying the changing colors of the leaves during the fall season. A hot tub is also beneficial for sore muscles, which can save time and money because you won’t need to go to a doctor or another office for the relief that you need as often. 

A waterfall can be added to your pool to create a spa appearance that is calming and that blends well with almost any design. When you build the spa area at an elevated height compared to the pool, the waterfall can flow to keep the water circulated that is used for each feature. You can also design the waterfall so that the water flows from the spa area to the pool, heating the pool water for a comfortable environment when you want to go for a swim. This will allow you to save money on other heating sources that you won’t need to use as often. 

If you plan on entertaining or if you just enjoy having a lot of people at your home, then consider a larger spa area. A larger design will allow for more people to enjoy the water without feeling as though they are sitting on top of each other, giving everyone room to breathe and move around. You can design various amenities around the spa area for appearance or function, such as sculptures or steps that lead from the spa to the pool. Going bigger is an option as well if you want to combine the spa area with that of the pool. An example would be to build a hot tub at one end of the pool with a division so that the pool area is kept separate. However, the two areas would still be joined together instead of two separate spaces. 

Another option that you have would be to design the spa features inside your home or under a covered area. Make sure you have enough space on your property and inside your home for the features that you want to design as these are often reserved for apartment buildings, hotels, and other areas where there is an abundance of space. A spillover spa is an option for the outdoors and can be placed under a cover. You’ll only need one pump for this design, and it’s a convenient option if you have children who enjoy swimming while you relax.

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