Top Industry Trends to Observe in the Plumbing Sector


For decades, the plumbing industry has been lagging in terms of technology. Today, like any other sector in the world, the plumbing industry is quickly adapting to modern technology in every aspect of its operation. This isn’t the only advantageous to the plumber but all consumers as well. Some of the main benefits of technology in the plumbing industry are such as efficiency and quick service delivery. Other industry trends to observe are listed below:

Brain Pipes

A brain pipe not only monitors but detects leaks through a demand control system. All faucets, as well as water-using devices in a facility, are equipped with a detection system. As such, where there’s a valid water request when a user flushes a toilet, the sensor technology communicates with the system of the brain to open the valve that’s usually closed while allowing the delivery of water. Nonetheless, when the brain pipe detects some loss in water pressure, a leak is detected thereby setting an alarm off.

Eco-friendly Plumbing

Even though the plumbing industry is not famous for its contribution to the betterment of the environment, it still has a unique opportunity that affects sustainability through eco-friendly plumbing as well as sewage business practices. Many hot water installation sydney and other sewage contractors offer their services at major building intersections. This implies that plumber’s work is conducted through eco-friendly practices, can help reduce energy utilization while saving fresh water and reducing carbon emissions. Sustainability is also a primary growing concern.

Elevated Attention to Old Pipes

Old water pipes are a significant concern for people. Most of these pipes have lived way beyond their standard life span. This will lead to main issues such as lead exposure, which may cause poisoning in children. Besides, the water quality in residential as well as commercial buildings will also be compromised. The taste of the water will be interfered with too. Replacing old water pipes is pretty involving and tasking. It may also require a lot of money and work. However, it’s possible to replace them one by one.

ET Water

ET water is a cloud-based irrigation water system responsible for controlling outdoor watering. This is dependent on several factors. As such, every day, tons of water is wasted outdoors instead of being utilized indoors. ET water becomes useful in this situation. Depending on the environmental conditions of the region, type of plants, and microclimate conditions, it provides a viable irrigation system in which water can be conserved. Moreover, ET water is designed for high-end use since the device easily adapts to various changes in the environment.

Don’t Touch Facilities

Facilities such as bathtubs may be harboring germs. Other users may find it uncomfortable to touch them. Modern plumbing provides toilets and other facilities components that don’t have to be touched. This implies that one can go in and out of the washroom without touching doors or the seat.

The modern consumer can’t overlook these industry trends. Aside from the fact that they offer irresistible benefits, recent trends also make it possible for contractors to provide advanced solutions to the current issues affecting the industry.

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