The Hidden Problems in Old Properties

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If you are living in an older home, or if you are considering purchasing or remodeling one, there are problems associated with such properties that you ought to be familiar with. While some of these problems might be viewed as mere nuisances that have relatively simple fixes, there are problems that are downright hazardous. Before making any decision on purchasing these type of housing developments, it would be wise to know what these problems are, and the cost involved in fixing them. 

While it is hard to accurately determine the type of real estate development that can be labeled old, there is a consensus that any property that has been around for 30 years or more qualifies to be labeled old. After 30 years of being around, despite aging slowly, homes and other types of property start materializing various problems. If continuous maintenance is not done to such buildings, you will definitely find several issues impacting the property’s livability and safety. Below, we have highlighted some of the common problems you will find across in old buildings. 

Leaking Roofs 

Any structural expert will confirm that water intrusion brings about the death of a house or building over time. Knowing this, you will need to understand that the soundness of a building’s roof is vital to its health, whether the building is new or old. If you can visibly identify water spots on the ceiling from the interior of a property, this is enough sign of water intrusion. In most cases, water intrusion results from plumbing problems. However, this should not mean that the roof has a problem since plumbing leaks and leaks from windows can also result in visible stains on ceilings. 

Water spots found on a property’s exterior walls can be signs of flashing issues within the roof. There are numerous plumbers concord ca who can easily inspect and repair property plumbing issues. An inspection of the roof shingles and tiles will often reveal common problems that may include; unsecured flashing, missing tiles and even, cracked shingles. 

Foundation Issues 

If a building’s floor has become physically uneven to the extent that you can feel and see the damage while walking, you will need to have a structural engineer on speed dial. Such a property requires a thorough inspection. Before the arrival of the structural engineer, you could perform a simple inspection and test for chipping or flaking. If you find any, you can always use a screwdriver to confirm the hardness of the concrete. If you can visibly identify cracks in the concrete, this would not mean that there are severe issues with the concrete. However, an inspection by a certified structural engineer is the only sure way to determine if the building’s foundation has problems. 

Faulty Doors and Windows 

Foundation issues can often time result in doors and windows that do not stick or latch as they are supposed. Sometimes, drywall cracks over doors and windows can lead to faulty doors and windows. You will be expected to perform a quick exterior inspection by checking for bulges in foundation walls and any section that appears not to be plumb.

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