The Most Common Bugs You Can Find In Your Couch

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Pest control is an important part of managing your home. At the first sign of a nuisance its good to contact your most trusted pest control company so they can investigate the problem. You don’t know if you have a single occurrence or an infestation so its important to get to the bottom of it before things get worse. Pest control experts understand how and where pests breed, what they eat, how they get in our homes, and how to get rid of them. Getting rid of the pests in your home brings you an education as well as relaxation. The most common bugs you can find in your couch include dust mites, carpet beetles, and bed bugs. 

Dust Mites 

These bugs are microscopic and are not known to cause harm to humans. Even though they don’t carry diseases, they can cause allergy issues. Some of the common reactions to dust mite encounters include itchy eyes and asthma attacks Dust mites are often confused with bedbugs. They live off of dead skin cells which can be found in places that we frequently use such as the couch and bed. Dust mite symptoms are bad enough on their own but homes with the following conditions are at higher risk for worse symptoms: high humidity, high temperatures, poor ventilation, smoke or car fumes inside. 

Carpet Beetles 

These bugs are small and their larvae like to chew on clothing, furnishings, carpet and other natural fibers. Coming into contact with airborne fibers from these pests can cause an itchy rash much similar to the one bedbugs cause. They cause permanent damage to your carpet and you’ll want to get rid of them as soon as possible. 

Bed Bugs 

We tend to spend a lot of time in our living room on our couch. This is the place where we watch television, sometimes we eat, and we entertain guests. Bed Bugs are one of the most common bugs to find hiding in our couch. These tiny blood suckers tend to be brown in color, and they only need a credit card size opening to hide in. That makes our couch a prime location for bed bugs to hide. They like to feed on humans and they know the best places to hide in order to get to a good blood source. If you’re afraid you might have bed bugs you should search for a bed bug treatment Cincinnati


Pest control companies are here to eliminate the small things that are making our lives miserable. If you feel like you have an insect or smaller bug problem, contact your local pest control company for advice, a quote or to resolve the issue completely. There are many microscopic and small bugs that can irritate our skin and respiratory system. Some of the most common bugs to look out for include dust mites, carpet beetles, and bed bugs. If your pest control company doesn’t offer removal services they might suggest that you contact someone else who uses an ultraviolet light or steam to remove the mites.


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