Four Effective Ways of Keeping Termites Away From Your Home and Compound

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Termites are one of the most discreet pests which buildings and homeowners should avoid at all costs. They inflict a lot of damage to homestead structures and are a constant nuisance if proper measures are not taken to control them. Additionally, termites are present in almost all corners of a compound and give property owners a headache in trying to control them. 

Even though termites are present throughout the year, they are most active during the spring. The warmer weather is conducive for them to mate and expand their colonies. The swarmers also emerge to set new colonies on residential properties. 

After establishing themselves, termites are the greatest threat to residential houses and other associated structures. They can chew the wood, floors, ceilings, wallpapers and, the household furniture. Outside of the house, termites can invade and ground fences, cow pens, stores, and other structures. Luckily, this article offers some basic things which homeowners can do to protect their homes and property from damage by termites. 

1. Get Rid Of Or Reduce Moisture In And Around The Home 

Termites need moisture and dampness to thrive. For effective control of termites, it is advisable that homeowners should eliminate all sources of moisture, dampness, and still water. They should ensure that the splash blocks, downspouts, and gutters are in good working condition. Additionally, leaking faucets and water pipes should be repaired without any delays. 

It is also important to conduct a routine inspection of attics, basements, and crawlspaces. These areas are susceptible to getting damp and moist, thereby acting as a good breeding ground for termites. Keep them dry and free of the mound by ensuring that they are adequately ventilated and dry. 

2. Store Firewood And Household Garbage Properly 

Termites get attracted to wood. Piling of firewood attracts moisture and dampness, creating a good breeding ground and source of food for termites. To keep termites away as a measure of any residential termite control springfield il, store firewood in a raised platform, at least 20 meters away from the house. The material of the structure should also be treated to keep away the termites. 

Household waste is mostly comprised of leftover food and scraps, which termites use to feed. Leftover food also contains dampness and moisture, which help to keep the termites. Seal the trash cans with a tight lid to prevent termites from scavenging for the food inside. 

3. Look Out For Signs Cracks, Mud, Or Bubbling Paint On Wooden Surfaces 

Termites use cracks, hollow parts, and mud tubes to reach for food. The presence of mud, uneven paint, and hollowness on wood is a sign of termite infestation. Effective termite control implies the effective sealing of cracks and crevices on furniture, and on the walls of the house. The cracks offer a good hiding place for insects. 

Other pests like rats also find good breeding grounds in unattended openings inside the house. The breeding places for such pests create dampness, which in turn attracts termites. 

4. Keep Your House Well Organized And Clean. 

Tidiness and cleanliness are the surest ways to keep away termites and other pests. A well-organized and clutter-free house and compound will definitely keep the pests away. Piling of old boxes, newspapers, and other junk creates a good breeding environment for pests.

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