Things To Consider Before You Contact A New Landscaper

You just moved into your new home and you are looking at your lawn. You’ve been hand watering and trimming the edges, but you know soon the grass will need professional maintenance. You should get a list of landscapers to contact and see which one has the best service to offer. Your goal is to get your lawn looking pretty and functioning without breaking the bank. Try not to forget about the things your yard needs from you as the owner. Be sure to get clarity from the landscaper on any additional action steps you may need to take to help keep things flowing smoothly. Things you want to consider before hiring a company for landscape work include sprinklers, lawn size, and lawn design. 


If you have a lawn with grass it is important to have a dependable sprinkler system. Keep in mind that not all landscapers specialize in irrigation. Your sprinkler installation may come with an additional cost from a different company. If you have to contact an irrigation specialist you should consider sprinkler system inver grove heights mn. Think about how close your grass is to your driveway or walls of your home for any potential well water stains. If you are not familiar with the sprinkler installation process just keep in mind that you need a working sprinkler system. If you are a new home owner, be sure to ask about the condition of the current sprinkler system. If it is not a good working system or if the system is older than what you desire, make sure you are requesting a landscaping company that also does sprinkler work. 

Lawn Size 

Keep in mind the size of your lawn when the potential landscaping company comes to give you a bid. If you have a large lawn, you can expect all of the work you need to be a bit more expensive. If you are confident with measuring your lawn, you can take your own measurements and be even more prepared for when the landscaper comes to measure. 

Lawn Design 

Your lawn might need a couple pieces added to make it pop. Things your landscaper might mention can be a fountain, lights, rocks, or trees. Think about what color flowers or types of flowers you would be interested in. Think whether you are looking for bright, dark, or even good smelling flowers. Consider standard or color mulch, and whether or not you desire bushes close to the entrance or walls of your home. There are several options to choose from when it comes to making the outside of your home beautiful. Many people add islands to the front of their home to showcase I lovely arrangement of plants. If you have a backyard full of grass or with any swings, gazebo or pool, you might want to think about designing floral pieces in the area as an accent. In order to be a little prepared when your landscaper comes to discuss plans for your yard, it is best to take a look at your yard and think about sprinklers, lawn size, and lawn design. If you have an idea of what landscaping entails such as grass maintenance, and plant design, you will be ready to ask the right questions.


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