Finding The Right Cookware For You!

Whether you like to cook or not, the proper pans to use, are essential. Actually, if you don’t like to cook, it could stem from not having the proper cookware. Nothing shys people away from cooking, like burnt, or undercooked foods. Having the right cookware may just enable and enrich your cooking experiences. 

There are all kinds of cookware options for you to choose from. Of course in the old days, most people used “cast iron” cookware. Not only is it fairly heavy, but can be a nightmare to keep “seasoned”. However many people still insist on cast iron for there preferences. It is great for “corn bread”, or other bakes items. This is because of even heat distribution, making your baked items come out better. 

Nonstick cookware is and was all the rage, with it’s teflon coating. It makes eggs slide across the pan, instead of sticking and breaking. However, there were far too many “inferior” products out there. The teflon wore off, and became part of your food, much to the horror of many. Also the cheaper pans warped after no time, causing uneven distribution. There are some good non stick pans out there, you just have to research. 

If you want a good pan that works and looks good, opt for copper. A good copper saucepan, is the answer to all your problems. Copper cookware has been around for hundreds of years. It is durable, and are great heat conductors, up to five times better than stainless steel. This leads to less scorching and cooking time. Another bonus, is to just pop a lid on it, and it stays warm, until you need it. 

Another great bonus with copper, is the fact that it is antibacterial. Germs and bacteria, cannot survive on copper. However, as is the case, with a lot of products out there. Some cookware is deceiving. IT may look copper, but it is only a coating over aluminum stainless steel. This is an inferior product and will cause you to have uneven cooking. So make sure to research pots that have are made of at least 90% pure copper, and up. 

When it comes to cleaning your copper wear, you must strictly follow the manufacturers instruction. Maintaining your pots in the proper way, guarantees a long time of enjoyed use. There are different types of copper pans, so you cannot clean them all the same way. Most just use a soft cloth, and must be dried, and stored in a dry area as well. There are also special pastes to enhance and protect the beauty of your pans too. 

Many well known chefs are now using only copper cookware as well. They guarantee to even distribution of heat that these chefs require of their specialties. Not only are copper pots superior for cooking, they also look beautiful in your kitchen. So do your research, to find a great set of cookware, and get cooking! 

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