How Your Household Can Be Affected By Extreme Cold

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Every year, there continues to be millions of households who live without having any form of a heating system. When the harsh winters arrive, these very same homes become flooded with extreme cold temperatures. If there is very poor ventilation in the home, be home can actually end up becoming more colder in the inside than the outside temperature. It is critical for homes to be aware that there are many negative health effects from cold temperatures. Based on Rolling Strong, some of the physical risks of experiencing prolonged direct cold temperatures include the following: increase risk for experiencing a heart attack, increase stress on the heart, increases your blood pressure, risk for getting frostbite or frostnipped, developing hypothermia, risk for having an asthma attack, increases sinus pressure, severe migraines, possibility of developing depression and can even weaken your immune system. It is no surprise that the cold weather may possibly be bad for you. It is not just a old wives tale that the cold weather can end up getting you sick. The cold weather has been proven to cause many negative health effects for many individuals, especially those who are at greater risk. Getting a quality heating system in your home is crucial to keeping everyone healthy through the winter season. 

According to Care 2, studies have found that the cold weather can do more harm than good such as weakening your immune system to make you more prone to infectious diseases. When your body is constantly exposed to extreme cold temperatures, you are allowing your body to decrease its immune system and increase the chances of getting ill. Cold weather and respiratory diseases have been known to go hand-in-hand. In addition, there has been several studies that have found that the influenza virus thrives in cold temperatures. Therefore, if you have senior citizens in the home or younger infants or toddlers, you may want to consider keeping your household as warm as possible. The best way to keep your household warm is to either install a proper heating system or repair your current furnace. 

Keeping your home warm is not just important to feeling comfortable in cold temperatures, but it is critical to everyone’s overall health. It is also important to the safety of those who are more at risk for developing serious conditions in cold weather. You want to make sure that you get in touch with your nearest HVAC contractor, so that they can be able to better assess your current heating system. If your heating system has not been touched in years, you may need proper maintenance or repairs to be done before you put it to use. You can conduct a general search online for your nearest furnace repair park city ut contractor.

Remember, all heating systems require regular maintenance in order to perform efficiently. If you have not utilized your heating system for quite some time, repairs and maintenance may be a must. Keeping your household in warm temperatures is crucial for the safety and well-being of your entire family.


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