Creating A Danger Zone In Your Home With No Heating Systems

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Surprisingly, millions of homes across the country are not fully equipped with the right type of heating sources. Because the winters in America can become so cold, many homes end up facing sub-zero temperatures, even inside the home. Because of the chilling temperatures that many homes have been forced to deal with, many people in America also end up facing life-threatening weather-related illnesses. According to the CDC, reports show that between the years of 1999 and 2011, more than 16,911 Americans ended up dying from experiencing a weather-related illness in the country. There were about more than 1,301 individuals in America who died every year because of being exposed to excessive cold temperatures. Also, about more than 67 percent of the hypothermia related deaths that occurred between those years happened to be with males. Despite the previous deaths that occurred with weather-related illnesses, Americans still continue to be unprepared for extreme temperatures. Not being properly prepared can end up costing you your life or even one of your family members life from a weather related illness. 

Cold temperatures can cause quite a bit of negative changes in your life. Not only can you risk your health with prolonged exposure to cold weather, but you can also risk the health and lives of your family members who live in the same home as you. Based on Cool Antarctica, studies show that colder climates have been known to suppress your immune system, which can affect the upper respiratory tract and possibly encourage becoming ill with the common cold or flu virus. Interestingly, studies have also found that warmer temperatures are more likely to cause your immune system to intercept viruses before they can end up making you sick. Bottom line is that having a heating system in the home can protect you and your family members from facing illness in the near future. 

Sadly, there are many households that still continue to fight through the winter using traditional methods of blankets, shut windows and doors and traditional burning of wood. What many people don’t realize is that without a proper heating source in the home, you can possibly be putting everyone at risk for becoming ill with some sort of weather-related condition. If you currently do not have a heating source in your home, then consider on reaching out to a professional in order to have a quality energy saving heating system installed in your home. You can also conduct a general search on the web for heating systems gaithersburg md. From here, you should be able to come across a wide variety of professionals that are more than willing to assist you. 

A warmer home can mean a safer home for all. If you are looking to prepare for the harsh consequences of the winter season, then make sure that your home has a proper heating source to efficiently heat every room in the home. Cold weather continues to have a reputation for causing more harm than good.


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