Canvas Bags Are Better Than Plastic Bags as They Save Natural Resources

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We all know how harmful plastic is to the earth. One plastic bag decomposes in 1000 years. Imagine those millions of plastic bags thrown in the garbage. All of them end up in landfills and oceans.

People have switched to reusable bags after knowing the impact of plastic on human and animal kind. It not only pollutes the land, but oceans, seas as well. Reusable bags are washable and one recycled bag can last for 700 years if used properly. Various recycled and organic materials are used to prepare reusable bags.

Initially, reusable bags were used for grocery shopping only by choice. Lately, the government ordered all businesses to distribute paper or recycled bags and eliminates plastic bags from the market. When these bags were sold for a price to customers, then eventually people started bringing their own bags from home. This helped in reducing the manufacturing cost of recycling bags and consumption of fuel and other resources as well.

Custom Earth Promos is an eco-friendly company that deals in reusable bags made from organic materials and environmentally friendly chemicals. If you need reusable grocery bags bulk, then contact them for an affordable price. They eliminate middlemen from the business and deal directly with clients. Their main motive is to remove plastic use from the world completely. Apart from recycled bags, they also deal with recycled straws, jotters, USB, pens, lanyards, seed papers, sanitizers, wipes, gloves, PPE kits, masks, etc.

If you’re using a reusable bag for daily needs, that doesn’t mean you’re helping nature. An eco-friendly item is not something that only controls pollution in air, land, and water. It should also be friendlier towards planet resources like fossil fuel, air, water, etc. Surprisingly, it is noted that one cotton tote bag consumes as many resources that are required to produced 400 plastic bags. Unbelievable! So, do you feel that using one tote bag is helpful? Well, it really is.

According to research –

  • To reduce the impact of plastic bags, a person needs to use one canvas tote bag at least 130 times.
  • One paper bag should be used thrice or more to reduce the impact of plastic bags on earth and to reduce tree slaughtering.
  • Even if you’re using a plastic bag, ensure that you use it more than once to reduce its impact on the environment.

Still, canvas bags are better than plastic bags.

During the manufacturing of plastic bags, ample fuel, petroleum is used. The smoke emitted from the factories is harmful. This harmful smoke mixes with fresh air and pollutes it which we and our kids breathe. Young kids have a delicate body, when they inhale polluted air it hits their lungs and they suffer from various ailments like allergies, asthma, etc.

Plastic ending in oceans tears into pieces. Aquatic animals think it to be food and swallow it unknowingly. These plastic fragments stick to their throat which chokes air and food pipe and eventually they die.

At least canvas bags are much better than those plastic bags which are damaging not only our land, but harming our kids and animals. If you’re a nature lover, switch to canvas bags and encourage your neighbors to do so.

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