Tilt Garage Doors Save Overhead Space

If you have a remote garage door opener, you have enjoyed the convenience of simply pressing a button and being able to park inside your home. You don’t have to worry about inclement weather, you never have to step outside in the rain or snow, because of handy tilt garage door openers. Like everyone who enjoys that convenience, having an instance of a non-functioning garage door opener, ruins your day. 

Garage Doors 

Tilt garage doors are the ones that lift and move into the ceiling of the garage with limited movement. This gives garages with limited overhead the benefit of an automatic garage door, just like the traditional sectional garage door, which requires much more overhead room. Below, see the three types of garage doors. Tilt Garage Door – one panel with hinges that lift the door up and outward and then swings up into the garage’s ceiling. One spring is needed, and no tracts are used. 
Sectional Garage Door – these garage doors move up only, never outward as they follow along a track section by section moving along the track until they all rest along the ceiling tracks. 
Roller Garage Door – a steel door that pulls closed or open along a track for the roller. No overhead room is necessary. 

Save Overhead Space 

To save overhead space if you have a small garage, tilt garage doors are the best option. They are the perfect solution for a garage with a low ceiling height. Older homes tend to have smaller garages, so the tilt door is commonly found on the garages of homes built between the late 1960’s and the 1970’s. Because the tilt garage door has less moving parts, it has a reduced chance of breaking down and not operating properly. It can be operated manually or automatically. 

Tilt Garage Doors 

Tilt garage doors offer a wide range of options for customization. Add a walk-through door on your tilt garage doors or windows. They can be made in copper sheeting, wood, fiberglass, aluminum composite cladding, Western red cedar or plywood and molding. They can be installed with a flush mount fit to keep the façade level with the door. The doors are custom manufactured to fit the space desired. The single panel door is reinforced with an internal steel frame extra strength and security. 

Garage Door Materials 

  • Wood expands and contracts as the weather changes. It also cracks and warps when it weathers with time.
  • Steel doors are the strongest and they do not react intensely to weather changes. Today’s steel can be made with the look of wood and other materials.
  • Aluminum doors are the least expensive and they are also lightweight, which could be extremely beneficial for a manually operated tilt door.
  • Fiberglass doors usually have an aluminum frame and are lightweight. They are perfect for beachfront properties as they resist salt air corrosion.

The only thing a Tilt garage door requires is ample space for the garage door to open outward. The material your door is made of will determine how much additional effort you will have to expend to maintain it. The materials used to make tilt doors will affect the maintenance needed to keep the door looking good and operating efficiently. With the right maintenance and proper daily care, you should have your tilt garage doors for the entire warranty period or longer.


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