Signs Your HVAC System Needs Maintenance

Whether it’s freezing cold or hot enough to keep you indoors all day, your HVAC works hard to keep you comfortable at home and at work. It might seem effortless to you, but your systems work almost nonstop in certain seasons, and it needs professional maintenance regularly. If you’re not servicing your HVAC throughout the year, you are putting yourself at risk of being very uncomfortable while you wait for someone to come repair the system. Here are a few signs you might need commercial HVAC services San Rafael CA

Your Bill is More Expensive 

You might use your system more certain times of the year than others, but a regular increase in your utility bill is not a good sign. It might mean your system is working inefficiently to heat and cool your home or office. If the bill keeps going up even when you know it should be going down or staying the same, it’s time to call a professional to come to check it out and see what the problem might be. 

There’s A Lot of Noise 

Your system makes its own noises when it works, but you’re familiar with those noises the way you are familiar with the noises your home makes throughout the day and night. When your system begins making noises that aren’t typical in your home or office, consider this a sign there is a problem with your HVAC. It shouldn’t be so noisy you notice the sound other than the subtle sound of it kicking on. Call for maintenance if you hear sounds you never heard before. 

You’re Doing Construction Work 

If your home or office is a construction zone, you might know firsthand how dusty things get when they’re being worked on. This dust is damaging in a way that’s not always visible to you. It can get into your air filters as your machine filters your home, and it can cause your filters to go bad faster than usual. If you’re doing construction and not changing your filters more regularly, you are not doing your machine a favor. 

Benefits of Routine Maintenance 

It’s better to find a small problem while it’s small than wait for it to become a larger problem that stops your system from working. It’s imperative you keep a regular maintenance schedule to prolong the life of your system. When your HVAC maintenance man tells you it’s time to replace a coil, or repairs a small leak, it’s going to prevent a much larger problem from occurring in the near future. It’s less money to maintain your system than to repair it when something goes awry. 

Your HVAC isn’t something you notice regularly as long as it is doing its job of keeping you comfortable at home or work. The moment it stops adequately functioning, you notice it. Don’t let that happen. Hire a maintenance company to ensure you’re HVAC runs properly throughout the year. It’s better to need an air conditioner repair in the early spring when you’re not using your machine than it is the first day of unbearable heat.


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