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When it comes to selling, presentation is definitely important. No matter what it is you are selling, your advertisement speaks volumes about the product before you do! Potential customers assess everything about a product before making a purchase. They look at the advertisement, the item itself, the way it’s packaged and even the way it’s sold. Therefore, it is important to wow your potential buyer each and every step of the way. And if in no other situation this is true, it is most definitely a fact when it comes to selling real estate. 

A home is the biggest purchase most people will ever make in their lives and so of course it is a purchase that must be considered thoroughly. But, as a real estate agent, before you can even get to the point of convincing your potential buyer, you first have to get them to come and see the property. In this fast paced world we live in with so much competitiveness, we have to make sure that we stand out in whatever it is that we are doing. As a seller of homes in today’s market, you most likely have listings online along with information about yourself. This is great! However, amid all this internet and technology, we have to try not to forget the basics. 

You could have the best website there is but it wont do any good if people don’t see it. And in order for people to see your website, they would need to be searching the internet and then you could hope that your SEO is good enough to put you at least high enough that they’ll get to yours before they click off. However, there is one thing way to almost always get people’s attention and that is with a sign! 

Signs work… period! Think about it! How many times have you checked something out or stopped to regard something just because you saw a sign? Garage sales, car washes, you name it, signs work! But, having the right sign is important. No matter what type of properties you are selling, your real estate signs should be eye catching and magnetic! You want to draw the buyer in by using a eye catching colors, large enough lettering, a catchy slogan or just anything you think might get someone’s attention. You want signage that will make a passerby turn around or stop and check out the listing or if nothing else, jot the phone number down. 

All in all, whenever you sell, don’t forget to put yourself in the place of the buyer. Think about the things that make you tick or catch your eye and try applying them. At the end of the day, most people are not that different and pretty much want most of the same things. Try your best to offer those qualities you would want and convey that your signage, website and all of your marketing avenues. Your advertisements are merely an extension of you and remember, people by you, and accept whatever you’re selling. Good luck!

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