Moving Cross Country?

I hate moving, don’t you? From the boxes to the packing tape, and everything in between, I was so glad for the day that we found a forever home. Moving is more of a chore when you are going a long distance. When faced with the task of moving long distance, why not hiring a moving company to help you. 

What do I need to know about long distance moving companies? The first thing you need to know about moving companies is this. There are many companies out there so the competition for your business is red hot. Many moving companies only work within a certain area, so it is important to go over the details of a move before you start the process and book a company. Moreover, you need to be aware that trucks have weight limits and if you go over the limit there is a fine that can be issued by the transport agency. But do not let these companies pull one over on you and talk you into two trucks when you only needed one. Make sure you weigh your boxes before the move. Most companies are insured but the 1906 Carmack Amendment limits the liability of what can be considered as damage. In layman’s terms, you can only sue for actual property damage, not emotional distress among other things. 

Your move will be based on the schedule of the moving company. Some companies only have a few long-haul drivers and with driving restrictions, you may make it to your location before your movers do. Most companies will work with you to have everything arrive when you do, but weather and other factors can delay the arrival of your goods. 

Moving is very expensive, and more so if you are moving long distance. prices among companies will vary based on their method of rate calculation but do not look to get away with the move for less than $2000. Again, the rates are based on many factors such as weight, length of journey and you have government fees and tariffs to consider. 

There is always the option to rent a truck and drive it yourself. Many well-known companies offer rental of moving trucks to go out of state. The price is significantly reduced when you don’t use the full service of a moving company and you do not have to have a special license to operate the vehicle as it is a moving truck and falls under different laws. A moving truck from Florida to Louisiana will cost you about $500 to rent and you can keep it for a certain amount of days before having to return it to a local office. Make sure you do not exceed the weight limit and make sure that you stop at the weigh stations to avoid any fines that may incur.


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