Hiring a Mover

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Changing homes whether it is moving from an apartment to a house or from house to house or even house to apartment, is always a trying experience. The best way to limit the strain is to hire reliable movers Nashua NH. Movers not only do the heavy lifting they can help pack and organize your home before the actual move, essentially limiting the stress moving so often causes. 

Hire Movers to Pack 

Movers can be hired to pack your belongings. They will properly pack glass and other delicate items using peanuts and bubble wrap, as well as separating card board. Every breakable item is wrapped and secured so it doesn’t move about in the box. These conscientious packers take every precaution to insure your belongings arrive at their new destination intact and unvarnished. 

Packing the Kitchen 

The kitchen is full of breakable items, many of which are quite costly to replace. It’s important that packers take great care with dishes, some of which could be family heirlooms. Movers will individually wrap dishes in separate cell foam packages with thick celled dividers and place them in heavy duty boxes that are very impact resistant. Pots and pans are also wrapped to prevent scratches and secured in heavy duty boxes. All kitchen ware including mixing bowls, utility ware and flatware are properly wrapped and placed in boxes that are then labeled. 

Packing the Living Room and Den 

Furniture is wrapped in thickly padded blankets to prevent scarring and scratching of finishes. Floor rugs are rolled up and placed in plastic to transport without soiling. Some pieces will also be sealed in plastic to keep them clean during their transport. Pictures, clocks and other wall art are packaged in boxes specifically meant to house wall pieces. Miscellaneous nick-knacks are wrapped individually to prevent breakage and damage. 

Packing and Moving the Bedrooms 

Trying to move the variety of things in a bedroom requires every type of packing that is used, because these rooms house bedding, nick-knacks, pictures, clocks, toys, clothing, etc. If the movers are packing your child’s bedroom, there will be toys to pack as well as bedding, clothing and wall art. It is probably worthwhile to place as many pieces of clothing in the hanging box as possible to prevent having to press pieces when you arrive at your new home. 

Packing the Garage & Basement 

Sports equipment, bicycles, tools and sometimes the washer and dryer are housed in the garage or basement. All these items require special care when packed. Your movers will be aware of this and will pack accordingly. Naturally, when you arrive at your new home, you want all the necessary accessories to be available to operate your washer and dryer. The packers will tape all accessories to the appliances so that they will never be separated from the appliances. 

Movers are prepared to move their clients, because of the preliminary call that determines the price you quoted when you schedule a move. Within that discussion, the furnished rooms in your home will be discussed. It is up to you to disclose how fully packed those rooms are to get an accurate quote and to receive adequate packing supplies for the move. With all the accurate information disclosed, your move should go smoothly and without a hitch.


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