Determining When It’s Time to Replace Your Roof

One of the most costly aspects of home ownership can be dealing with roofing problems, up to and including issues that require you to replace the entire roof. While there are roofs with a lifespan that will outlive your mortgage, some homeowners have had to make a decision about whether it was time to replace the roof of a home that’s aging. The key is knowing what to look for when deciding whether it’s time to replace your roof, which often requires assessment of both interior and exterior elements of the roof. It’s important to gauge whether there’s a problem with your roof before the issue becomes catastrophic. 

There are many online resources that can assist you with understanding when it’s time to replace your roof, such as books and online videos. Once you’ve gotten up to speed on what you’re looking for, you’ll likely want to start with a flashlight that’s bright enough to illuminate dark spaces, which you’re sure to encounter during the process of performing a roof inspection. When embarking on this project, be sure to consider safety, since you’ll likely find yourself climbing into the attic and onto the roof. While the inspection itself can be somewhat easy, a good practice is to solicit the help of someone who can assist you along the way to prevent any injuries. You can also contact a roofing company tallahassee fl

When using your flashlight to examine your roof, you’ll want to assess whether any of the light is visible through the roof because if you can see light shining through, then there is a significant likelihood of water also seeping through the roof when it rains. Although simple, this technique is a relatively reliable way to assess damage to your roof. You also want to look for streaks caused by water seeping through the roof. Another common sign that there are issues with your roof is a lack of structural integrity. You want to assess whether the structure of your roof has been diminished, which can be accomplished by pressing on it to gauge whether it feels soft or has started to sag, problems often caused by moisture. 

In many instances, roof damage is obvious because water begins to seep through, which creates a much bigger problem that could have been mitigated by performing inspections periodically. You might consider performing regularly scheduled inspections during the summer months or any other time that works for your. The key is preventing major issues that can get exponentially worse if they are not address, such as rot, mold or mildew. If assessed periodically, you can likely mitigate the problem by replacing shingles that are missing or damaged. 

If you decide to solicit the help of a professional, then you will likely discover that most roof inspectors provide the initial consultation at no charge. Relying on the expertise of a professional roof inspector can more quickly alleviate your fears or confirm the necessity for either repairs or the replacement of your roof. Either way, it can give you peace of mind.

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