Adding an Extension to your Home

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Building an extension on your home can be a better option than moving house – if you love the area that you live in, or simply just don’t want to move, but you do need to increase your living space in your home then building an extension could be a better option for you than moving house.

As well as adding living space to your home, an extension could also add value. A well-done extension could add around 10 – 15 thousand pounds to the price you could sell the property for, so it is a worthwhile investment as well as being useful.

Depending on how big you want your extension to be, the cost will vary – if you don’t have a lot of spare cash set aside, you could re-mortgage your home to pay for it –this is relatively simple, but if you find yourself asking questions such as what is an occupier consent form? This is part of the process of re-mortgaging if you have people over the age of 18 but not tenants (such as grown up children) living in your home, they will be required to sign this before you re-mortgage.

Once you have the financial side sorted out, you will need to find an architect who will be able to take your vision from your thoughts and bring it to life on the plans, and a builder who will then be able to build it. A good way to find an architect is to ask around friends who have had extensions that they are happy with to see if they could recommend someone.





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