Tips to Help You Design a Garden Patio

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Patios are the perfect addition to any home and can help fulfill many different functions. Since patios are among the most expensive part of your garden build, it is important to be careful when designing the patio. Here are some of the top considerations to keep in mind when designing a patio for your home. 

Consider the Use of Patio 

When designing your patio, you need to decide how you want to use it once it’s done. The top functions of a patio include outdoor lounges, outdoor dining and as sundecks. If you are considering cooking and dining in your patio, you need to think about a dining style of the patio. The patio should be large enough to add tables and chairs. For entertainment purpose, you need a living room type of patio where you can lounge and spend time with your family and friends. Sundecks are the best to build near the pools as they are primarily made for sunning. 

Pick an Ideal Shape 

Once you have decided the use of your patio, you need to pick a shape for your patio. The most common type of patios st louis mo is the rectangular ones as they look exactly like a room and it becomes easier to set up different pieces of patio furniture. If you do not have enough space, you can also consider a square patio. Another option is round patio, even though they are not as uncommon, they are quite attractive in design. Many homeowners use circular patios but have a focal point in the center of the patio. For modern homes, free-form patios are also quite common. You can pick any amorphous shape if you have a small or uneven kind of backyard. 

Decide on the Material for the Patio 

It is ideal to pick the material for the patio that matches with that of your house. You might want to stay within the same style so that the patio can complement the entire house and looks like a part of it. For traditional homes, old world flagstone or bricks are the best material, while industrial looking concrete works best for modern homes. You would also want the color palette of your patio to match perfectly with that of your home. People often use stamped and stained concrete instead of stone pavers as they are much cheaper but give a similar looking patio. 

Consider Ideal Lighting 

If you want to enjoy your patio in the evening, you need to use patio lighting to get the desired ambiance. If you want a cozy atmosphere, you might want to use downlighting. Do not forget to light the key areas of your patio for safety purpose such as around the railing or steps that leads away from the patio. 

You can enjoy a well-designed patio when you consider all of the above elements. Even though people might think that designing patios are quite simple, you need to spend time and thought into planning it perfectly. A balanced patio design will allow you to spend your time on the pleasant patio.

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