Who Benefits from Medical Marijuana

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Mary Jane Garden Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana legalization has long been a hot topic of discussion of various groups around the world. But the acceptance of its effectiveness as a potential aid in treating some disorders related to both physical and mental health. With 33 states in the US and the District of Columbia finally accepting and legalizing medical weed. The legalization will add to each state’s revenues and could greatly enhance the community’s lives. The sudden surge of dispensaries and online seedbanks have added to the influx of potential revenue earnings for the state. One known reputable seed bank, Mary Jane Garden Medical Marijuana have been serving the various communities in need of medical marijuana. So before we attempt to discuss who benefits from medical marijuana, let us try to dissect what medical marijuana is.

What is Medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana, simply put is a weed that can potentially have therapeutic characteristics that can aid users to address both physical and mental illnesses. This is the same weed used by recreational users but this time it is used for medicinal purposes. The cannabis plant has more a lot of different compounds which are called cannabinoids. Each cannabinoid is unique and has different characteristics that affect the human body. 2 of these compounds are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are the main chemicals used in medical cannabis. THC is the compound that gives the “high” when marijuana is consumed.

CBD and its therapeutic value

CBD, or cannabidiol, as mentioned above is one of the many compounds present in marijuana. This is the known compound that provides the healing properties of marijuana, making this compound an essential part of medical marijuana. Recent studies have shown that CBD can relieve pain and anti-inflammatory characteristics. CBD nowadays can come in different forms, there are high CBD cannabis strains, CBD infused edibles, and CBD oils available either online or thru dispensaries located in states with legalized marijuana laws. However, it is sad to note that most of these products have yet to undergo strict testing procedures to prove their actual effectiveness. But the most important voice is that from the medical cannabis users who have tried the weed or product and they swear that CBD is very effective.

An incident where a child named Charlotte Figi was diagnosed with epileptic seizures. Upon receiving medical marijuana with high CBD contents, her body responded well and her seizures soon reduced, and was ultimately free of epileptic seizures after continuous use of high CBD medical marijuana. This incident paved the way for the acceptance of medical marijuana globally.

Currently, CBD is distributed ut remains unregulated. But its availability has led medical cannabis users to consume this as a healthy and organic option to treat pain. Its anti-inflammatory characteristics have yet to be clinically tested on humans.

Who Benefits?

It is not only the medical cannabis patient that will benefit from the use of medical cannabis use. There are quite a few other than the patient.

  • Family and Friends of the patient – seeing the medical cannabis patient relax and find solace in using weed as an alternative treatment to ease their agony will provide peace of mind for the patient’s family and friends.
  • Community – The community will benefit from additional revenues of the state due to additional taxable income to the sellers and distributors of the medicine.
  • State – The additional revenues from taxable sales and distribution of medical weed will benefit the state so that they may provide more community-related services and livelihood to each community.
  • Dispensary and seed bank owners – the additional revenue to these institutions could greatly benefit its employees and provide additional income for the employee’s family.

So it is not only the medical cannabis patient who benefits from consuming legal medical weed but a whole lot of individuals and institutions as well. Thinking out of the box, it makes a lot of sense right?


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