The Importance of Professional Engineer Registration

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In the past engineers could work without having any proof of their abilities or skills. This began to change in 1907 when Wyoming enacted the initial engineering licensing law to protect the public welfare, health and safety of those living in Wyoming. Currently, every state regulates engineering by only permitting Professional Engineers the power to provide the public their services.

Having a professional engineering registration is important to career growth because it provides clients with proof that an Engineer or Engineering company has the needed credentials to complete their project. It is also a symbol of pride and hard work among other Engineers.

To obtain a license an engineer has to spend four years as an apprentice under a professional engineer, after completing a four-year degree in engineering at an accredited college. Then their state licensing board must issue them a license which was obtained by passing both the Fundamentals of Engineering and the Principles and practices of engineering exams. A professional engineer has to continue to maintain and improve their skills to retain their licenses by continuing to fulfill educational requirements. You need a registered structural engineering firm to work on your project.

While it is not necessary for an engineer to obtain their professional engineering registration, there are a number of benefits to having one. A PE must hold themselves to a higher standard when it comes to ethical practices. They are responsible not only for the job being completed correctly and on schedule, but also for the people that are affected by the job. A PE is qualified to prepare, sign, seal and submit to the required authority the plans and drawings for approval. They also seal work for private and public clients.

Having your PE license as an engineer allows you to teach engineering. Having your PE license is currently not mandated in all states, but people are demanding that the law is changed. So, it will probably affect all engineers nationwide in a few years. Almost all engineering jobs on a governmental level must be completed by an Engineer with a PE license. When it comes to being a consulting engineer or private contractor. It is a legal requirement to have a license for those that are in charge of the job. This is true no matter if they are employees or the principal on the job.

There are several steps that a person must take to get their professional engineering registration license. These steps begin with becoming an apprentice at an engineering company. This can be achieved as long as you have graduated from an engineering program at an accredited school and passed the two required exams. They must spend the next four years apprenticing under a professional engineer to gain experience. This is a requirement in every state. Learn the licensing requirements in your state.

Every state, and territory has its own requirements and qualifications when it comes to obtaining a professional engineering registration license. You can find out what your state’s requirements and qualifications are by accessing the information on the state’s licensing board website. The final step in obtaining your license is to successfully complete your state’s principles and practice exam. Furthermore, while obtaining one’s professional engineering registration license can seem like a long and arduous process having one can open many doors in the engineering field. Having it also means more responsibility and more money.

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