Is Welding Your Next Career?

Welding is a method of joining materials together to repair or create structures. This can be accomplished by heating a material, usually plastic or metal, fusing them together to create or repair a structure. Welding has become a lucrative job position throughout the world. It is needed on almost every building project and spans to include most building projects. There are different kinds of weld, such as TIG and MIG welding. The type of weld use dis dependent on the product being made and what it is being used for. 

The earliest welding can be traced back to the Bronze Age where gold boxes are welded together by Egyptians. These workers were called Blacksmiths. They used a number of tools that were made from iron by hammering them into the shape needed. Once into the 19th century they started using open flames with allowed them to create very precise tools. 

The first battery operated tool for welding was created by Sir Humphrey Davis in the 1800’s which created the first Arc between carbon electrodes. This changed the entire way welding was used. 

Being such a competitive market, there have been unions created to help fill the positions of welders throughout history. These unions not only help to regulate the pay and benefits, you can be trained to become a welder. Upon entering the union you will start as an apprentice and learn from someone who has surpassed all levels of training. 

Once you have entered into the union and completed your training you will be able t move into a job or search and apply for a job through your local union such as any Welding Contractor Union Recruitment dallas tx. They can put you into specialty programs to become a iron worrker or into welding job that can be a career. Welding is pretty versatile and you can transfer between different fields that require welding as it is pretty standard across the board. Whether you are welding buildings or plumbing. 

Although formal training is not required, there are trade schools available to teach you the art of welding. These schools can give you the tools to become a certified welder which will help you in the journey of becoming a union welder. You will become a master of welding with practice. 

The average income of welders is between $40,000 and $63,000. The pay is dependent on the union that you join and what area of the country that you are applying for and working in. If you like t travel to different areas, this may be an opportunity for you receive greater pay than the pay in your area. 

Welding Contractors are plentiful throughout the world. They allow for welders to go from job to job and many in each city. to a job or search and apply for a job through your local union to join a union to start your career as an apprentice welder. Be ready for a hot and lucrative career with the opportunity for growth.

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