Are Champagne Flutes Really Worth the Money?

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A party or business celebration cannot be complete without champagne. The sparkling drink has, for years, been a sensation to party lovers, bringing the taste of fun and luxury home. However, a great debate has risen about the ideal glass to serve the drink. In particular, should one still opt for champagne flutes as the primary device to use when serving the drink? Some people choose to serve champagne in white wine glasses instead of the traditional flute. All these types of glasses are affordable and available in the market. Explore more about the topic in the next section.

The History of the Flutes

The champagne glass is not exactly a modern invention as much as its popularity is still intact. However, before the rise in fame of this glass, men used to take champagne from glasses known as the coupe. This glass was the go-to vessel for any type of champagne until the 16th century. At around that time, a new glass was invented in Italy and exported to other countries- the Murano flute. With time, these flutes gained popularity, eventually leading to other different and attractive designs that were finally called champagne flutes. They then became as popular as the coupe until experts disputed the authenticity of the vessels. However, the champagne glass is still available in different attractive shapes.

What the Experts Have to Say

There are modern ways of champagne drinking, and apparently, the use of the champagne glass is not one of them. According to Maximillian Riedel, Riedel Crystal’s CEO, one of his aims is to clear out the traditional champagne glasses from the face of the earth. Some cellar masters have done away with the use of the flute entirely, claiming that it corrupted the richness of champagnes by releasing too many bubbles. Jean Batiste ended up making a tulip glass to replace the flute to maintain the authenticity of the champagne they served. In as much as the flute gives the drink an excellent display, the primary concern among experts is that the flavour and aroma of champagne are altered the moment one pours it out into a champagne glass. Therefore, to them, it is better for one to use white wine glasses instead.

Benefits of Champagne glasses

In as much as there is a significant debate on whether or not one should spend their money in buying the flute, there was a time when it was highly praised for its beauty and convenience. Using a flute to serve champagne reduced spills and displayed the rise of bubbles perfectly. Some of the glasses were made with etched nucleation points to help the fizzing come out clearly for an extended period. The drink’s effervescence is also preserved better in these glasses, unlike in the broader choices. In addition to its role when drinking champagne, the glasses have always been one of the most used forms of gifts presented to couples or anyone celebrating an anniversary or business promotion. One can even decorate personally them to serve the occasion.


It will take the public to decide whether the champagne glasses should be outlawed or not. The debate is still far from over, so in the meantime, you get to decide for yourself where you prefer taking your champagne from. Maybe experts will invent an ideal glass that will eventually drive away the flute or people will still have a choice of both. Whichever the case, the decision is up to the one taking champagne. If you love a clear display of your bubbles and not have to worry about spilling your drink, the champagne glass is still a viable option. If you are more about not wasting its natural taste, you can opt for white wine glasses.


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