Tips For Buying Furniture From A Furniture Store

There are some purchases that many families put off as long as possible. These can include large expenses such as a car or even a new home. In terms of expenses, purchasing new furniture is not as large, but it’s another type of purchase that families put off. Part of the reason for this delay isn’t necessarily because of the expense of the furniture. While the expense can be substantial, many find the overall experience of furniture shopping unpleasant. There are some steps that you can take to make it a more pleasant experience. 

Interacting With The Salesperson On The Floor 

When asked about what they dislike about furniture shopping at a Dining Table Store phoenix az residents say it is that initial interaction with a salesperson. Instead of having time to browse, they feel that they are being ambushed. To avoid this, do a little research before your visit to the furniture store. 

Set a price that you are not going to go over. When the salesperson comes to you and asks you what you are looking for, include the price in your answer. Let him know that is the most you are going to pay and it’s not negotiable. Knowing that you will not negotiate, he be more likely to direct you to furniture in your range and not hover over you trying to up-sell. 

Be friendly when interacting with the salesperson. Even if you are upfront about your maximum budget, don’t be rude about it. Make sure that you have his name correct. Then, using his name ask if he would mind if you browse on your own and follow up with him. Assure him that you will contact him before leaving. This can reduce the amount of hovering. 

Complete Your Measurements At Home 

Save yourself some time and complete all the measurements you need for your furniture at home before going shopping. Measure the size of the room distance from the walls, and even the height off the floor you want the chairs to be. Having this information will allow you to pick the proper measurement. Also it allows you to approach the salesperson with questions about the furniture that does not involve price. Again, it will make him feel involved, but will not present an open door to him to discuss price. 

Improve Your Negotiating Position When Finalizing The Sale 

Never do all of your shopping at one furniture store. Go to at least two so you can negotiate on the price. If you find a store almost always has a sign for a certain percentage off, use that percentage as the base price, not the discounted price. See if you can get an additional five to fifteen percent over the advertised price. If the store won’t negotiate price, negotiate on the delivery charge. 

Furniture shopping should not be a scary or intimidating experience. The salesperson serves you, set your relationship’s guidelines early in the conversation. Be prepared, smart and firm for success furniture shopping.

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