How to Furnish Your Home as a Minimalist

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Nothing beats the feeling of a well decorated home, but if you’re interested in becoming a minimalist, then you are probably motivated to minimize the amount of furniture that you have in your home. Studies have proven that people who live in homes that are messy are more likely to experience increased levels of stress. In addition to spending less money, being a minimalist and reducing the clutter in your home can also reduce the amount of stress that you have in your life. It’s a win-win proposition. There is a lot of buzz about minimalism these days, and for good reason. 

Most minimalists have a home décor with clean lines and a limited amount of stuff. The specific elements contained in the home will depend on the person’s style preferences. For instance, you can be a minimalist and still have a custom home bar that’s used for a variety of purposes, such as entertaining guests and enjoying time with your family. The difference is simply the amount of accessories and supplies that’s maintained on and in the bar. Minimalism offers a chic aesthetic that many people find attractive. There’s also a high level of sophistication that draws the attention of people who are partial to simplicity. 

If the minimalist movement intrigues you, but you’re not quite sure how to get started, your first tasks can be to choose one room and make a decision to pare down items in that room. For example, if you start with the living room, you might notice a large stack of magazines that have been sitting there for many years. While some people enjoy collecting magazines, you have to assess whether it’s something that really adds value to your life. The answer might be “yes.” If so, then you can move on to the next item. A great thing about becoming a minimalist is that there are a lot of platforms online that allow you to sell your stuff, which means you can reduce clutter and make money at the same time. 

If you are really serious about becoming a minimalist, then you will set aside time each week to assess your belongs so that you can decide what you want to either sell, donate or toss in the bin. You might even set aside a box of items to give to a friend or family member. Giving always feels good, which is another benefit of becoming a minimalist. Once you commit to the process, you’ll have an easier time letting go of things that have been locked away in the closet for months. 

One reason why the minimalist aesthetic looks so fresh is because it typically involves neutral and subdued tones, as opposed to vibrant colors. The neutral tones support a more Zen feeling. You can play with color as a minimalist to find what works best for you. If you want colors that promote a fresh feeling, then you want to stick with blue undertones. Just keep in mind that you can use any colors that you want to use – it’s all about personal style.


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