Designing the Perfect Outdoor Deck and Patio

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Have you ever browsed through architectural magazines are even looked online at vacation homes in majestic regions. Perhaps you have noted the outdoor entertaining space attached to a log cabin nestled high on a hill top in the woods. Maybe you have wished for the patio or timber decking northern beaches offer. These beautiful decks, porches and patios are not only designed for vacation homes and luxury residences. 

There are yard design companies in cities all across the United States that can make anyone’s’ back yard dream become a reality. When you are envisioning your new back yard deck or patio there are a few things that you will want to consider. The first is the size of your yard. You need to be realistic when considering the size. If you live on a smaller city lot you will need to scale the size to something manageable if you still desire a little green space. You can still have a deck with a cooking area and entertaining area in a small back yard. You may have to keep the size down though. If you live in a rural or suburban area you will have more land to work with. A city deck may accommodate eight to twelve people and a suburban or rural large lot size may be able to accommodate a deck that can hold more than two dozen people. 

Take into consideration the features you want on your deck. You can maximize your entertaining space if you have built in seating added along the deck walls. You can have a table or some accent tables on the open space and then a grilling nook off to the side. You may want to incorporate an outside television, fire table or even a second level to the deck. These are all design characteristics that a yard design company will be able to incorporate into your design. 

Prior to building your deck you will need to acquire a permit from your local village. You may also need to have your property inspected for underground wires. It is important to know where underground wires lay before you dig into the ground. A marking company will come out and paint or flag areas where wires lay. This will be important for your patio design company to know. If you are having a patio poured rather than a deck built you may not need as many permits or ground checks performed. 

Once your deck or patio is installed you can begin decorating it with furniture, decorative accents, potted flowers or herb gardens and technological touches such as surround sound, outdoor lighting and perhaps a television. You will make many memories with friends, family members and neighbors in your newly designed outdoor living space. Your back yard will feel like a summer retreat and you can stop looking for travel destinations to achieve the outdoor ambience that you have so badly desired. Be sure to always seek referrals and read customer reviews when you are seeking a contractor to design your back-yard oasis.


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