Keys To Keeping Your Furnace Healthy This Winter!

As the seasons start to change, winter begins to draw nearer and nearer. Winter marks a decided change in the way that we operate within the comfort of our own home. All of a sudden, we need to rely on our furnace in order to keep us comfortable throughout the day. As the temperatures begin to drop, we must be comfortable with the knowledge that our furnace can operate at full capacity when we need it. Unfortunately, winter is also the time that the vast majority of furnace repair Waterford MI based HVAC teams see problems inside of homes. Today, we are going to talk a little bit about how you can prepare your home and furnace for winter. 

Preparing Your Furnace For Winter 

Your furnace is a little bit like your car in that you cannot leave it to sit for the bulk of the year while anticipating it to fire right back up again. As it turns out, your furnace is going to need a little bit of maintenance along the way in order to operate effectively when you need to call on it most. While furnaces are hardy machines with a lifespan north of 20 years, they still need to be taken care of by a qualified furnace maintenance team. Let’s outline a few different ways that you can address your furnace’s preparation for this coming winter. 

1) Sign Up For Scheduled Maintenance – One of the easiest ways that you can prepare your furnace for winter is by hiring an HVAC team to enact routine maintenance. You can sign up for a furnace maintenance agreement with the vast majority of HVAC companies and they’ll stop by on a schedule that you both agree to in order to prepare your furnace. This preparation will entail a full inspection followed by a multi-point checklist of services. 

2) Protect Your AC Condenser – If you have a heat pump this tip does not apply to you. Otherwise, you can protect your AC condenser by putting some sort of overhang above the unit. Why do you want to do this? Simply put, you want to prevent falling debris and falling ice from cracking your condenser. This is an easy way to make sure you don’t fall prey to an expensive and unfortunate accident. 

3) Keep Your Filters Clean – When your furnace filters are dirty, your entire machine will struggle with efficiency issues. Additionally, dirty air filters will lower the overall lifespan of your furnace. That’s no good, right? Cleaning your air filters is relatively easy as all you need to do is wash them out and re-use them, assuming you have permanent filters. Otherwise, air filters are relatively affordable to purchase if you just want to replace them outright. 

Keeping your furnace ready to go can be a tough task. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. With the assistance of a qualified HVAC company, you’ll have a reliable furnace when winter strikes again.


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