Three Reasons on Why You Should Repair Your Chimney

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As life gets busy for everyone, things we shouldn’t put off are often set aside on our to-do-list without any consideration of whether or not these things could damage ourselves or our homes. One of the things that are commonly put off is chimney repairs and by putting off repairs such as this, you are putting you are risking damages to your home from water leaks and breaks in the chimney, as well as risking your own health due to smoke filling your home from drafts. To make sure you and your family are not harmed, it is always important to contact any professional chimney repair seattle wa.service

Smoke Coming Into Your Home

If your fireplace is blowing back smoke into your home, this is almost always a sign of a larger problem. When drafting happens it is usually because of chimney height, installation of a new part, or from you switching fuel sources. When you start to notice smoking flowing into your home, it is important to contact a professional so they can find the cause of the smoke and fix it before it starts to harm anyone residing in your home.

Stained Chimney

The color of stains on the outside of your chimney can easily tell you if there is a problem occurring on the inside and out, for instance, black and dark brown stains are often due to excess creosote building up in the flue. If you notice orange or red stains, chances are that the chimneys metal components are starting to rust, which is is very common for factory-built or manufactured chimneys. Every six months you should be outside or on your roof to check all sides of your chimney to make sure the outside is not starting to stain in any of these colors.

The Chimney Stinks

Chimney odors are common, but there are a few that should always be taken seriously to avoid any damages such as smokey odors coming from your chimney on humid days, this is almost always caused by excess creosote. If the smell is damper, it may be caused by a leak. When a cleaner comes in, they will sweep your entire chimney to remove all the creosote so there will be no future problems.

By choosing to call a professional for your chimney repairs you can help avoid chimney fires and smoke inhalation. All you need to do on your part is look out for any odd smells, staining outside of your chimney, and smoke drafting back into your home. All of these things can be a sign of a bigger issue, so it is always ideal to have it checked out to avoid any harm coming to you, your family, and even your home.

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