Organizing Building Projects at Home

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So you have a home project and it may take you two weeks to complete. This is your first project of the kind and you want to call your friend and ask him to suggest a contractor help you with planning the project, estimate costs, and help you decide which unit to use. Good news you have the first part of the project completed since you’ve just completed the building section of an added room for visitors. Your new project is to install a water heater in your home that could be used by both your family and guests when they visit. “Parents are always welcome” is a huge sign you have hanging over your work desk at home because hey, whose more important than parents? Plus, your father was the first one to volunteer his time to come over and help with the project.

Reseller and Handyman Found

Also, you found out this morning while spending a few minutes at the breakfast table on your smartphone, you did a search online and found a tankless water heater Naples fl guy who could provide good prices for either the tank or tankless water heater you plan to install in the new room. You Dad tells you the big advantage of having the tankless water heater is saving on having to always heat a full tank of water. It is a fairly new technology, but because you like the fact that they only heat water when it is needed, it would be a good fit for the addition to the home. That is where your friend comes in since he does home construction and tells you he’s seeing plenty of the tankless water heaters being installed in new homes. Your friend says he would recommend the tankless for small units but for a whole house with several rooms to be piped to. 

Tankless or Tank 

The tankless heating systems are made for small units. You decide to contact the heating systems guy and ask him his recommendation. A professional recommendation will give you both the advantages and disadvantages of going forward with the project, but only once clarification is received. 

Another Project Chalked Up

After having called the heating systems guy and talk to him you are still concerned whether the tankless heating system is the way to go with this project. The bad news is the tankless system is not very good for multiple uses at one time, but is excellent for single uses and it is very low on maintenance; therefore, you decide to do the most sensible thing and give your Mom and Dad, and other guests, the tankless and dedicate it for the one use, which is the new guest room. After you decide you were really at ease for the rest of the day, even your Dad when he came over to help, congratulated you on your decision. And your wife teases you when she says “honey, you are great at organizing your building projects at home.” 


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