The Pros and Cons of Double Glazed Windows

A double glazed window is basically a process in which two layers of glass is used, with a specialized gas sealant being used between the panes, along with a spacer that locks out moisture. Due to the revolutionary design, the double glazed windows create more of an airtight barrier that keeps the home properly insulated regardless of the weather conditions outside. But before going into looking for any double glazed windows Perth or in other locations throughout the world there are some things to consider. Yes, there are wonderful advantages but there are some cons as well both of these need to be taken into consideration. 

The Advantages of Double Glazed Windows 

The first thing to point out about double glazed windows is that there are many advantages to having them installed. In fact, consumers would be pleased to know that the advantages do outweigh the cons. The first advantage was outlined above that these windows are designed to insulate the home, which means that it keeps out the heat and cold from outside. That will help save on energy cost since individuals won’t have to turn up the heat in the winter or the AC in the summer. Plus no need to worry about heat or cool air escaping from the home due to the double pane design. As for some of the other advantages these are as follows: 

Keeping Noise from outside at a minimum: Anyone with loud neighbors lives near a busy street or has barking dogs in the neighborhood will appreciate this feature. The windows help to actually block out a good portion of the noise going on outside. Safer than regular windows: Because these windows are double pane the odds of these being broken by say a hail storm or a rock coming through the air is pretty slim. Double glazed windows also offer more security since these aren’t that easy to break into as well. 

The Con of Double Glazed Windows 

As stated above there will be some cons to double glazed windows. Although these are minimal compared to all the pros of having them. Here are the ones that will need be considered: Not recommended for older homes: Because double glazed windows are a modern technology these tend to have a modern look to them. Depending on the overall look of the older home these could stick out and not go well with the decor. One recommendation though for those with older homes who still want to go this route replace all windows, not just one because then maybe the look might come together. 

These can’t be repaired: Although double glazed windows can be more durable then single pane ones these can’t be repaired if damage does happen. The entire window would have to be replaced even if just a section was cracked in one of the slabs of glass. So, before investing in double glazed windows consumers do need to decide if the investment is worth it. Yes, these come in a wide variety of sizes and glass types, and there are certainly benefits to having a double glazed window installed.  


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