Is It Time to Replace Your House Windows?

While your house might not be able to talk to you, it certainly does give you signs when things are not okay or when something is about to fall apart. How do you know things are amiss in your house? Well, start with the windows, and here’s why. Windows, unlike other parts of your house, are particularly communicative. 

While windows cannot last forever, high quality and well-maintained windows can serve your house or home for 20 or more years. In most cases, there are factors at play affecting the lifespan of your windows. Windows in coastal regions tend such as Charleston will tend to age faster in comparison to windows in cities. If your windows are more than a couple of decades old, chances are they need replacement, something other experts deny with candid reasons. Whether or not a windows age should be a determining reason for its replacement, there are other signs you can use to know if you need window replacements. 

Your Windows Are Damaged, Warped or Broken 

There are occasions where it makes sense repairing a window rather than replacing it. If your window has developed a slight problem that requires something like a new hardware installation or needing a new weather-stripping, chances are, a repair might be the best option. In the case of a broken, warped, or damaged window sash, experts recommend going for a replacement instead of a repair. In the case of slightly damaged windows that are still “operational” house and homeowners are advised to make early repairs because these windows inevitably develop more problems. Getting glass railings tacoma wa for repairs is easy. Here are signs that your window needs replacement; when they start fogging up when they are drafty when they stick when you are trying to open or close them, or when they refuse to stay open. 

When You Are Planning to Reduce Your Energy Bills 

It is true that windows provide your house or home with extra heat during the winter by letting in sunlight. But did you know that drafty windows can cause your energy bill to spike by about 10%-20%. According to faulty windows leave you digging deeper into your pockets making them an enemy of energy conservation. 

Replacing the windows in your home or house with energy-efficient ones can be rewarding since they help reduce your overall cooling and heating bills. Replacing your windows with energy-efficient windows can additionally be beneficial when listing your home or house up for sale. You can always use the energy-efficient windows as a selling point making them a worthy investment. 

When You Have Survived A Severe Storm 

House and homeowners in hurricane impact zones and regions that are constantly subjected to severe weather events need to be prepared to replace their windows after severe storms and weather. Windows in homes and houses in regions prone to severe weather usually become the first casualties of bad weather. Taking this into consideration, it is recommended that property owners in these regions to use fibreglass windows since they are more resistant to corrosion, plus they remain stable in extreme temperature and weather conditions.


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