Tips for Cleaning Concrete and Stains

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When it comes to flooring material there really is no specific type that is free from maintenance. Aside from other types of flooring such as carpets, concrete floors are easy to take care of. Maintenance typically comes down to how much traffic you have in your house or your building. There are some advantages of having concrete floors.┬áNo grout lines or fibers that can trap dirt. It’s resistant, if sealed correctly, to water, abrasions and stains. Very pet friendly and easy cleanup. Cleaning involves a damp or dry mop. Very little routine maintenance when it comes to reapplying yearly sealers. Concrete is a wonderful material to deal with because it is so easy to handle.

Basic Maintenance Tips for Concrete Floors

In the design process, remember cutting patterns in grooves create areas for dirt. Use indoor floor mats and rugs if you have heavy traffic. Quickly clean up all spills to reduce or stop them from absorbing into the concrete. Best choice for pet owners. Only use recommended contractor solutions. Use microfiber cleaning pads. Have a maintenance schedule setup and stick to it. While concrete is easy to maintain, you still do not want to put of maintenance.


Stains can arise most times in residential homes that have concrete floors due to light foot traffic. Keeping a scheduled routine when it comes to cleaning your floors can keep them looking new for years. Always consider using the best concrete cleaner on the market. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Damp and dry dust mops keep away all grime
  • Using PH-neutral cleaner and water helps with deep cleaning on a damp mop
  • Use film-forming sealer for protection

Polished concrete

Based on its density, polished concrete has been known to be very durable. They are a lot easier to clean than any other decorative concrete floor. The basic routine for polished concrete to keep its brand-new look should be the following:

  • To restore all shine, consider buffing
  • Use a commercial polishing compound
  • Dry and damp mops are acceptable

Maintaining the look and shine of your concrete shouldn’t be a hassle. Many contractors will tell you that concrete floors are the easiest to clean. Keeping up with the regular cleaning routine can keep your floors looking brand new all year long. It’s important to understand what solutions you can apply to your concrete floor to keep them appearing healthy whether have light or heavy traffic.

Removing stains from concrete can easily be done with damp or dry dust mops. When concrete floors are clean they are beautiful and add to the decor of your home or business. They are among the most popular for residential spaces. The maintenance is very low when it comes to cleaning concrete floors as well. To prevent stains from ruining your concrete floor, invest in protection sealers. If you come across any spills, make sure to clean them up swiftly and not let them linger.

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